Mollified [verb]

Definition of Mollified:

pacify, soothe

Synonyms of Mollified:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mollified:

Sentence/Example of Mollified:

Nor was he to be mollified until the following day brought him his revenge.

"It may be anything," uttered Jorgenson, morosely, but as it were in a mollified tone.

"I see that you are a feather-headed kitten," said Elinor, not at all mollified.

He was mollified, too, by the defiance of menials and quick submission to himself.

And the Major was mollified at once, the two (as I said) being old friends.

I have tried,” said I, mollified by this compliment; “but it is useless, and at present he is not to be found.

That mollified her and she wrote me a note saying she was sorry she had written as she had.

Nevertheless, he permitted himself to be mollified and led to a seat in the Park.

Dame Satchell, mollified by his compliment, shrugged her fat shoulders.

Mathilde was mollified, but she knew what was fitting, if the Princess did not.