Molls [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Molls:

Truly, my dear Moll Peascod would never know me in this dress.

And old Moll, also in her best clothes, stood behind her mistress's chair.

At the door of the hall Donovan stopped and turned to von Moll.

Gorman edged up close to von Moll and caught him by the elbow.

If a horse sweats in the stable, Moll White has been upon his back.

Could it be that Moll had a second sight or something of the sort?

It set me thinking about what a moll the fellow was in that cave business.

"And so you are Murdering Moll's daughter," says he, chuckling to himself.

Mr. Moll was the witness of this, and had the papers in his care.

The wife of Mr. Moll is an English woman, a pious Independent.