Mollusks [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Mollusks:

It is n't a mollusk's shell, either; it 's a caddice-worm's shell.

It is a mollusk because it has a mantle, a foot, and a radula.

He desired the shell of the mollusk that burrowed in the cleft of the cliff.

He had lain there in the sand for some time, as motionless as a mollusk at low water.

The Mollusk has years in which to build her spiral, so she makes it very perfectly.

"A mollusk," said the chaplain, bringing out the word emphatically.

The Mollusk also, the Arion, is anything but an ardent consumer.

He had a heart of gold, a silver tongue, and the spine of a mollusk.

First of all, the insect, like the mollusk, has an external skeleton.

Does not a bird possess a higher degree of life than a mollusk, or a turtle?