Momentous [adjective]

Definition of Momentous:

important; serious

Opposite/Antonyms of Momentous:

Sentence/Example of Momentous:

Those that confront us now are as momentous as any in the past.

It is the evening of Sedan, the most momentous victory of the century.

The night came, the last night but one of that eventful, momentous year 1775.

But this is rambling far from the momentous twenty-first of June, my day of triumph.

How can I be, when I think of the momentous change that awaits me, and of all I have to leave?

I presume, Sir, you want my vote and interest at this momentous epoch of your life?

I had no suspicion then how momentous they were, but afterwards I had occasion to rue them.

In this momentous question of my life we do not, and it would seem we never can, agree.

If the story which he tells us is true, it is too momentous to be played with in poetry.

He had a good deal to think over, for he had come to a momentous decision.