Momentousness [noun]

Definition of Momentousness:


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Sentence/Example of Momentousness:

He seemed overwhelmed at the momentousness of the act which he was about to perform.

Apart from the splendour of her social position and the momentousness of her political one, she was a person of great wealth.

As I waited the coming of my most powerful customer, I could not keep my mind off the momentousness of the interview before me.

Yes, she had been blindly selfish, and had failed to realize the momentousness of the great questions of the day.

Only the irrepressible Tubby was not duly impressed with the momentousness of the occasion.

Wade felt the momentousness of that query, but it seemed her face had been telltale enough, without confirmation of words.

They had gone to sleep bubbling over with the momentousness of the coming day, and now that day had opened.

It was now that the momentousness of the question I was about to decide rushed with its genuine force upon my apprehension.

The very wetness of the air impregnated all it touched with the momentousness of the hour.