Monads [noun]

Definition of Monads:

single entity

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Sentence/Example of Monads:

Is the Pythagorean image of the harmony, or that of the monad, the truer expression?

Pythagoras held that the unit or monad is the principle and end of all.

In what then do these unities differ from the Uniqueness (or Monad)?

By wanting to be, the monad makes itself the elephant, the eagle, or the man.

There is nothing of caprice, of peculiarity, in the content of the monad.

He is the monad of monads; the most complete, active, and individualized of all.

The monad, then, is a spiritual unity; it is individualized life.

In every other monad, the entelechy, or energy, is but one factor.

As to the monad, the true monad is that which embraces all number or plurality in itself.

Only one minimum is absolutely so named,—God as the monad of monads.