Monarchial [adjective]

Definition of Monarchial:

fit for royalty

Synonyms of Monarchial:

Opposite/Antonyms of Monarchial:


Sentence/Example of Monarchial:

They helped the rise of national states on a monarchial basis.

The government is monarchial in fact, though nominally republican.

A near neighbour of Vincennes is Conflans, another poor, rent relic of monarchial majesty.

They are the legitimate successors of the Routes Royales of monarchial days.

We were all destitute of any clothing except what we had on; we now began to taste the vials of Monarchial tender mercy.

The monarchial vous (you) shall give place to toi (thou); and monsieur and madame to citoyen and citoyenne.

The republican New World is no less impested with servility than the monarchial Old.

Not only are we no less sycophantic than the people of monarchial countries; we are more so.

They still honor wealth and a monarchial government and consider the sea their best defence against foreign foes.

There were two Grand Lodges in Brazil—one monarchial and the other revolutionary.