Monarchical [adjective]

Definition of Monarchical:

fit for royalty

Synonyms of Monarchical:

Opposite/Antonyms of Monarchical:


Sentence/Example of Monarchical:

These states were to be, according to their choice, monarchical or republican.

Instead of a democratic government, I am under a monarchical government.

Purple, monarchical enlightenment, which is will individualized in but one.

At first the romantic movement was Christian and monarchical.

The monarchical and the democratic principle were all the time struggling for the mastery.

All true and right government is Monarchical, and of the head.

It has been the fundamental principle of all monarchical government.

We should be the most monarchical people in Europe if we were not the most anarchical.

It sustains the frequent use of the veto, and under the name of Democracy delights in the exercise of monarchical prerogative.

It was not only monarchical and aristocratical,—it was Anglican also.