Monger [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Monger:

Further, the native who gave all the information to Mr. Monger was one of our party.

On reaching them Mr. Monger found he had dropped his revolver.

The phrase might have holes picked in it by a composition-master or -monger.

I therefore sent Mr. Monger back with instructions to bring the party to this spot, called Cartubing.

At my request they went and brought us Mr. Monger's revolver, which they stated they had been warming near the fire!

While Jemmy was away looking for the revolver, Mr. Monger saw two natives following up our trail, and within fifty yards of us.

Compounds ending in holder and monger are run solid; bondholder, cheesemonger.

Pelt′monger, a dealer in skins; Pelt′ry, the skins of animals with the fur on them: furs.

Mr. Monger and a Sandwich Islander were laying the floors, making the doors, &c.