Mongrels [noun]

Definition of Mongrels:

animal of mixed background

Synonyms of Mongrels:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mongrels:


Sentence/Example of Mongrels:

I have my eye on a mongrel in Somerstown who keeps three boys.

These mongrel people will fight for their women when they will fight for nothing else.

They are not so band-boxy as they were, but remind me of an old, mongrel dog I once owned.

You have only to stand up to them, and they curl up like mongrel curs.

Fertility of Varieties when crossed, and of their Mongrel offspring.

A mongrel and anomalous species like the German Meerkatzen—monkey-cats.

The mongrel dog that bites the hand that feeds it is your superior.

You can't be a little American mongrel any more; not until I'm dead, anyway.

The home has a mongrel dog which is called Prince, and all the family love it.

On the gravel in front of the house lay the mongrel Bob, blinking lazily.