Monies [noun]

Definition of Monies:

currency accepted as exchange for goods, services

Synonyms of Monies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Monies:


Sentence/Example of Monies:

They showed exactly what monies had been paid into the bank for the estate.

They brought me word he had sent his wife for the jewels and the rest of the monies.

What terms will you pledge for the repayment of the monies to be advanced?

I could not take their lives, and therefore did I take their monies.

Is not the King confusing their goods with the monies of profane commerce?

He is just back from Holland, where he hath been to take up some monies due to him.

Sayer brought back the goodes and monies sent in that voyag.

Every gift is receipted for, and monies are most carefully expended.

In regard to the monies due you, my cheque will be in the mails this week.

He received 7½ per cent of all the monies passing through his hands.