Monition [noun]

Definition of Monition:

cautionary advice

Synonyms of Monition:

Opposite/Antonyms of Monition:

Sentence/Example of Monition:

Such a commandment, then and there, was that monition about Jenkins's Ear.

Thrice the monition was given, as required, and given without effect.

His wife heaved a deep sigh of apprehension, of renunciation, of monition.

It is at once a memorial and a monition to those that dwell beneath it.

Whichever way he turned there was some monition of its presence.

He had already warned him, but his monition had not been respected.

And she gave me a meaning sign—half a wink, half a monition.

But when the trial of his temper came he turned a deaf ear to every monition.

She kept silence, with a look of superiority to all monition.

And now by what method ascertain the monition of the gods in regard to our affairs?