Monitored [verb]

Definition of Monitored:

listen, watch carefully

Synonyms of Monitored:

Opposite/Antonyms of Monitored:

Sentence/Example of Monitored:

Only fragments of the broadcasts could be monitored, because radio reception had suddenly deteriorated right across the world.

Ordinarily communications were not monitored but if this one had been there could certainly be a slander complaint.

We'll use transmitter buoys, monitored by an alarm system at base headquarters on Fearing.

To use biofeedback equipment, electrodes are taped to the areas of your body that are to be monitored.

Very, very carefully, he monitored all the wave-lengths and wave-forms he could discover in use on Weald.

The screen, monitored from a camera on the flyer, showed the foothills of the southern mountains over which Mara was flying.

Unattended ground sensors allow critical areas to be monitored continually.

We have monitored reports that the government is checking airlocks at all cities.

Very, very carefully, he monitored all the wave lengths and wave forms he could discover in use on Weald.

Prochaska monitored the channel during the workday to cover possible urgent messages.