Monitoring [verb]

Definition of Monitoring:

listen, watch carefully

Synonyms of Monitoring:

Opposite/Antonyms of Monitoring:

Sentence/Example of Monitoring:

The next year'll be your last one at the monitoring, won't it?

We are monitoring his frequency and your call was relayed to me.

I speak English because we've been monitoring your radio broadcasts for years.

Plainly the long hours of monitoring the Aztec's instruments had made him soft.

Louise and Penny were curious to learn more about the monitoring truck.

The duty operator had earphones on—though only one of the phones covered an ear—and was monitoring through the bands.

Monitoring machines have traced the outlaw radio station again.

Much of the growing season was spent in monitoring these destructive forces.

Fifty thousand people marched down Market Street after a week of this monitoring.

Paul Koreff was monitoring at least twenty radio stations, assigning somebody to each one as it was identified.