Monkish [adjective]

Definition of Monkish:

with communal life

Synonyms of Monkish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Monkish:

Sentence/Example of Monkish:

At sight of John's monkish habit he started with surprise and faltered uneasily.

I took off my hat, that they might see I wore no monkish tonsure, and drank.

Monkish tales to prey upon their superstition, we were taught.

He needs no dungeon keeps and monkish cells to play about in—not he!

Now this is not the cold speculation of age, or monkish austerity.

No other document presents so well as it the ideals of the monkish life.

The monkish Satan has no dignity about him: in soul and body he is low and deformed.

Such is the opinion of a monkish chronicler who wrote in 1522.

Fulbert could not prevail upon the monkish Robert to repress Godfrey by force.

A breath of monkish asceticism is over every joy, subduing it.