Monochromatic [adjective]

Definition of Monochromatic:

having one color

Synonyms of Monochromatic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Monochromatic:

Sentence/Example of Monochromatic:

The vapour from the mixture ignites and we have a monochromatic flame.

You can't get monochromatic light, because light can't be monochromatic.

Pauline is the same Pauline who wanted to draw in monochromatic drawing.

Monochromatic painting upon pottery, familiar to the primitive Ionians, seems to have originated upon the Syro-Phnician coasts.

Imagine P to be surrounded in the first instance by a glass shade which transmits only monochromatic red light.

Some are adapted for use with ordinary white light, and some with monochromatic light, such as sodium ray.

A long series of experiments was made on Amblyopsis and Chologaster to determine their reaction to white and monochromatic light.

The characteristic productions of the third among the modern schools are monochromatic and translucid enamels.

The illumination depends upon the intensity of the monochromatic source of light, and upon the reflecting power of the surfaces.

Then, since all the radiating atoms won't be moving alike, etc., the mass of light can't be monochromatic.