Monocles [noun]

Definition of Monocles:

single eyeglass

Synonyms of Monocles:

Opposite/Antonyms of Monocles:


Sentence/Example of Monocles:

"Mr. Bellmer's an overgrown cherub with a monocle," I laughed.

His monocle was in his eye, and it shone on Kenyon as he entered.

He had a monocle screwed into one eye which made him look fierce and tough.

He had a monocle in his right eye which he kept adjusting nervously.

Educated in England, where he acquired his accent and the monocle habit.

The man with the monocle was smug with the self-satisfaction of his tribe.

He turned to where Exel stood upon the hearth-rug—toying with his monocle.

Exel screwed the monocle into his right eye, and likewise surveyed the detective.

He was toying with a cigar, and wore a monocle and a "stovepipe" hat.

I saw them with softened outlines, through two eyes instead of a monocle.