Monogamous [adjective]

Definition of Monogamous:

pure, incorrupt

Synonyms of Monogamous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Monogamous:

Sentence/Example of Monogamous:

Thus, the ancient Hindus were at first monogamous and later on became polygamous.

While some men have monogamous instincts others are polygamous.

This point is very important if a monogamous union is to be lasting.

Monogamous: a union where a female is fertilized by one male only.

But how can there be competition in the case of monogamous species?

Personally, I am inclined to think that babblers are monogamous.

Predatory animals are, in the writer's opinion, not monogamous.

They are monogamous, and, unlike the Nicobarese, marry for life.

He is fond of company; he is monogamous, and clings closely and faithfully to his own wife.

Men are polygamous by nature and monogamous for opportunity.