Monolith [noun]

Definition of Monolith:

large monument

Synonyms of Monolith:

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Sentence/Example of Monolith:

The whole company bent their efforts to displacing the monolith.

Above us was a tower of rock,—another 'tor,' I suppose, if not a 'monolith.'

To this we must answer that every colossus as yet discovered in Egypt is a monolith.

It is a monolith, cut from a block of stone about eleven feet in height.

The total height of the monument is 52-1/4 feet, and that of the monolith about 20 feet.

Monolith in the vaults of El-Aksa, 82;this taken from the royal caverns, 227.

Carnac, in upper Egypt, is a monolith of the same symbolic character.

The monolith on which it rests is porphyry, and weighs 130,000 pounds.

It is a monolith of unwrought stone standing sixteen feet high.

The monolith is adorned with Egyptian sculptures and hieroglyphs.