Monologue [noun]

Definition of Monologue:

speech by one person

Synonyms of Monologue:

Opposite/Antonyms of Monologue:

Sentence/Example of Monologue:

Mame punctuates this monologue with a regular and excusable "My land!"

At last there was a lull in the monologue and I arose and said I must be going.

I was shaving during this monologue of Mammy's, with my back to her.

Conversation during the meal was, for the most part, a monologue by the captain.

Still the only reply to his monologue was the chugging of the engine.

And this time, it was Wade who began talking in a monologue.

The dialogue in the Mysteries was chiefly in octaves, the monologue in terzine.

A double ring at the entrance gate interrupted his monologue.

Two strokes of the bell at the main entrance interrupted his monologue.

The minstrel with the staying qualities was laboring with a monologue.