Monomaniac [noun]

Definition of Monomaniac:

intolerant, prejudiced person

Synonyms of Monomaniac:

Opposite/Antonyms of Monomaniac:

Sentence/Example of Monomaniac:

Had much study made of him a monomaniac babbling in a dream of absurdities?

"I shall not say anything," said the monomaniac, with a wonderful and peaceful face.

I am full of the fellow; a little more, and he'll make a monomaniac of me.

"She is a monomaniac on the subject, I should imagine," observed Albert.

She became a monomaniac, and of that sort of which rulers of men are made.

Would not his neighbors regard him as a monomaniac or a simpleton?

The elder girl, of about eighteen, was almost a monomaniac upon the war.

You shall accept him, she repeated with the insistence of a monomaniac.

He became a monomaniac, and worried himself to death on the ground of poverty.

"You are just a monomaniac, Rowley, my old man," said Mrs. Morgan.