Monopolizing [verb]

Definition of Monopolizing:

dominate, control

Synonyms of Monopolizing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Monopolizing:

Sentence/Example of Monopolizing:

She couldn't have, or she would at least have made some effort to prevent Eileen from monopolizing you.

He smiled and added, "I should be monopolizing the time which belongs to your company."

I was savagely glad that he did not succeed in monopolizing Leah; not even I could do that.

Monopolizing the coupe, she became absolute mistress of the situation.

There are, in fact, no immense estates grasping nearly the whole of a district; no monopolizing farmers, nor dealers in grain.

She will have it that he is jealous and monopolizing, and that he distrusts her.

Perhaps men are in the way, monopolizing all the best things.

And to the mind, too, that conceived the idea of seizing and monopolizing it as a title.

If dad requires all the dots I'm sure Jack is monopolizing the dashes.

Just now Selby is monopolizing the field of American fiction.