Monsieur [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Monsieur:

At last she thought she might speak, wishing simply to say: "Thank you, Monsieur."

Ah, Monsieur, there was never anything equal to that in the whole world.

With only whiskers nobody could take Monsieur for anything but an Englishman.

Monsieur, you are aware that the Germans are going to-morrow morning?

If Monsieur the Director of the Circus comes now he will go in the special car.

"A thousand pardons, Monsieur—" he cried from beneath his shelter, as he read my face.

"She is the only thing I have left to love, Monsieur," he answered, calmly.

"The nephew of the Sultan, Monsieur—" he answered, instantly.

"Monsieur, my prayer is to deserve my bonheur," said Monsieur Giraud.

I forgot to say that Monsieur Liancourt called on you yesterday about his own affairs.