Monsignor [noun]

Definition of Monsignor:


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Sentence/Example of Monsignor:

"Why, a fortnight or perhaps three weeks, Monsignor," replied Pierre.

Monsignor Nani smiled with his usual amiable yet keen expression.

Still smiling, Monsignor Nani listened and nodded approvingly.

If Monsignor Palma proves obstinate his Holiness will never consent.

As he had said to Monsignor Fornaro, could the Pope disavow him?

And all at once he thought of Monsignor Nani, and reflected that he alone had been right.

In nervous tones and broken sentences the Monsignor told his story.

"Therefore I am here now, sir, thus early and thus openly," said the Monsignor.

The Monsignor was trying to regain his self-possession, and he remained silent.

"Help me, Monsignor," he said faintly, and the prelate raised him to his feet.