Monster [noun]

Definition of Monster:

giant animal; supernatural being

Synonyms of Monster:

Opposite/Antonyms of Monster:

Sentence/Example of Monster:

But in those days a father who demanded obedience wasn't considered a monster.

But Theseus by this time had leaped up, and caught the monster off his guard.

"Thou hast slain the monster," cried Ariadne, clasping her hands.

I thank God that I was not born an emperor, or I might have become a monster.

Siegfried went through the brush in the direction from which the monster had come.

Though every sinner be ungrateful, yet every sinner is not a monster of ingratitude.

All this time, the monster slept on, for the girl kept on crooning her melody.

The sudden jerk roused the monster to wrath, and its bellowing was terrible.

Struggle with a monster fish which had attacked Tobias whilst he slept.

My person and manner are not absolutely those of a monster, I trust.