Monsters [noun]

Definition of Monsters:

giant animal; supernatural being

Synonyms of Monsters:

Opposite/Antonyms of Monsters:

Sentence/Example of Monsters:

They all proceed thither; the scenery of the lake, and the monsters that dwell in it, are described.

These monsters are meant for the gargoyles of a definite cathedral.

Now in sober truth there is a magnificent idea in these monsters of the Apocalypse.

Georgetown was abandoned; the monsters were in complete control.

You must listen while I tell you how to clean up the monsters.

Still some little distance from the monsters, he glanced back.

The monsters took their time, because they knew they were invincible.

But by next year a means will have been devised of destroying these monsters.

We hear the world wonder, every day, at monsters of ingratitude.

On the road the monsters insisted on a ransom for the blood of her father.