Monstrosity [noun]

Definition of Monstrosity:


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Sentence/Example of Monstrosity:

In short, Beauty Smith was a monstrosity, and the blame of it lay elsewhere.

PAN, monstrosity, musical instrument maker, friend of poets.

He strained his eyes to distinguish the monstrosity more clearly.

Even in what looks to us like defect and monstrosity, she is never incorrect.

Against himself, clergyman and gentleman, the monstrosity of the charge was clear.

I told him I did not know, but supposed it must be some kind of monstrosity.

No matter—Pécuchet was content with being the possessor of a monstrosity!

The professor and the two boys went closer to the monstrosity.

She turned to Clarice, who was staring greedily at the monstrosity.

This was the monstrosity Zogar Sag had summoned out of the forest.