Monstrously [adverb]

Definition of Monstrously:


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Sentence/Example of Monstrously:

Amy, has it never struck you that somebody is monstrously polite to Mrs General?'

Monstrously I was desired to drink to the happiness of the groom.

It planted itself in the centre of the nave and grew there monstrously.

He had intended to honour her and she had monstrously dishonoured him.

Well, you did it well--monstrously well, I will say--for you never flinched an eyelash.

It was not because I had been bold, but because I had been pronounced bold, that I suffered so monstrously.

His beard resembled an egg in shape and was monstrously big.

I was monstrously 'frightened at him,' but, when I came to talk with him, he seemed 'frightened at me.'

It was too monstrously unjust that the fates should have hit upon George.

He is shamelessly, indecently, monstrously lacking in the ironic sense.