Monstrousness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Monstrousness:

We've often talked of such things: of the monstrousness of useless sacrifices.

Tuckham stood bursting at the monstrousness of such a statement.

To attempt the least description would be a presumption of the first monstrousness.'

You can stand the need for monstrousness for a long while yet!

He wished to protest, to cry out against the monstrousness of what was happening.

To-night it was as though for a few moments a taint of monstrousness had passed through the peace of the garden.

The monstrousness of that dead-and-alive mechanism overwhelmed his thoughts again.

He seemed to realize as never before the monstrousness of the crime committed against him.

A tattered shift covered some of her monstrousness, but she was still a nightmare.

Commander Benedict's mind whirled around the monstrousness of the whole thing like some dizzy bee around a flower.