Montane [adjective]

Definition of Montane:

mountaintop; high altitude

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Sentence/Example of Montane:

The montane region has long been famous for its mines of gold and silver.

Only 29 birds are known to be endemic to the island and 17 of these are montane.

During the glacial ages continental and montane glaciers are judged to have covered much of Canada and the northern United States.

In response to the montane environment the subspecies obscuroides, resembling the subspecies obscurus of the Rockies, developed.

Its geographic range is similar to that of the montane and basin segments of S. vagrans.

Many of these species are limited to a montane habitat or find their optimum conditions there.

The avifauna at Quoin Hill was a mixture of montane, submontane, and lowland species.

Coffee is cultivated in the montane region; and cacao in the lower coast lands.

Everybody except Barwood and Judge Montane was either colonel, major, or captain.

Other species trapped include the montane vole, long-tailed vole, and Colorado chipmunk.