Monthlies [noun]

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Here there are three great dailies, ten weeklies, and three monthlies.

A monthly was reasonable enough in course of time; so we had monthlies.

Foreign writers supply about one-third of the contents of the monthlies.

No quarterlies, monthlies, or weeklies lie at home to divert.

The House of Commons is soon to register the decrees of the monthlies.

In common parlance, these periods are often spoke of as the "monthlies."

With the weeklies and monthlies, the change taking place is the same.

That was the golden age of sermons and pamphlets, the latter occupying the place of our monthlies.

"I shall dress the whole scene up for one of the Monthlies," observed Mr. Guffins.

For Sue came after her Monthlies and in a ten minutes' conversation wrought more ruin than she would have believed possible.