Monumental [adjective]

Definition of Monumental:

impressive, overwhelming

Synonyms of Monumental:

Opposite/Antonyms of Monumental:

Sentence/Example of Monumental:

However, at one turn of the road they passed a monumental fountain.

He came at a gait in which every movement displayed a vast, monumental strength.

Yes, everybody is an ass, of course; but there is one who is monumental.

Some of the monumental tombs are of a very impressive and beautiful character.

In monumental churches like Westminster Abbey there are no pews.

The tall marble fireplace had a cold and monumental whiteness.

Why had he not imitated the monumental silence of Mr. Burns?

Monumental crosses were sometimes erected instead of shrines.

This monumental document is too long to be cited here in full.

His last years were spent in revising and correcting this monumental work.