Monuments [noun]

Definition of Monuments:

memorial, remembrance

Synonyms of Monuments:

Opposite/Antonyms of Monuments:


Sentence/Example of Monuments:

Statues and monuments also were voted by most of our principal cities.

Many were built as monuments by wealthy men and by emperors.

Mr. Jefferson did not deem them worthy the name of monuments.

For Ypres had been rich in historic buildings and monuments of past days.

For we are all tourists, in a certain sense, and this world is the most ancient of monuments.

The virility of a country is worth more than the splendor of its monuments.

Everywhere the tombs had been rifled and the monuments destroyed.

The monuments that remain are almost exclusively tombs and temples.

Other monuments to his memory have been raised at Slangerup, Odense and other places.

This was the beginning and the end of Henry's studies in the monuments of Paris.