Mooches [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Mooches:

I have made the rule that when he gamble too mooch, when he put up too mooch money, I say 'No!'

It is because I am what you call too mooch a cow—a hard cow.

He is not good for mooch, but he like that whittle kind of work, I know.

I know as mooch as you, meppy, oof I could only t'ink oof it.

"Not as mooch as I thart it would,—and I thart it wouldn't," added Paddy pessimistically.

I vill save your wife und baby for you, and it vill not seem like mooch to you in de end.

And zen zis man,' indicating Martin, 'heet me on ze head with ze steeck and hurt me mooch.'

"Eet ees not so ver' mooch," proceeded the factor, ignoring Al's question and quickly changing his tack regarding the ransom.

He was goin' to mooch aroun' Buckin' Horse till I creeps in afoot, then we was goin' out.

Whoy, Ay'd clap thee iv a cage, and hug thee round t' feasts and fairs loike; and shew thee to t' folks at so mooch a head.