Moodiness [noun]

Definition of Moodiness:

anxious state

Opposite/Antonyms of Moodiness:

Sentence/Example of Moodiness:

"We must go back," she told him and exulted in his moodiness.

Philip straightens himself, and his moodiness flies from him.

On top of this moodiness a violence of temper, a stewing, cursing, fuming about.

Yet Matty had been of service and perhaps her moodiness was caused by a suppressed affection.

There is the evidence of extreme reticence and moodiness in Fuller always.

But the depression and moodiness on Dangerfields face belied the surmise.

He went in the airlock while Brawn stared, for once startled out of moodiness.

His moodiness had vanished, and all his old charm had returned.

Indeed, I found him, all his moodiness gone, as mad as a hatter.

There only was a moodiness about that table then; but the moodiness of Doda was noticeable to Rosalie.