Mooing [verb]

Definition of Mooing:

call out, yell

Synonyms of Mooing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mooing:

Sentence/Example of Mooing:

Shadows were lengthening, and the cows were mooing at the pasture gate.

As she put him down upon his bed she heard the mooing of the wild cattle.

He did not hear the mooing sound any more, as the yacht went on its way.

The cry was like the mooing noise Terry had picked up from the depths.

Edith, in trying to run from the mooing cow, had run upon it instead.

It was very deep and indistinct and not unlike the mooing of a cow.

Are you sure it wasnt a mooing noise, such as the cows make?

There's certainly never been the least sign of mooing in the garden.

But this mooing sound, in which so many of their words ended, was not altogether pleasing to the Roman ear.

The cow was mooing reproachfully in a cropped circle of musky alfilaria behind the shed.