Moolah [noun]

Definition of Moolah:

paper and coin money of a country

Synonyms of Moolah:

Opposite/Antonyms of Moolah:


Sentence/Example of Moolah:

The squat lieutenant, the Moolah, and about a dozen Dervishes surrounded the prisoners.

But I am ordered to gather you together, for the Moolah is coming to convert you all.

The Moolah had his reputation to preserve, and it was not for him to confess to a failure.

It was on a young Moolah or Priest: he had a goitre—or enlarged thyroid.

A few days ago, a moolah, a Mohammedan priest, died at this place.

And they were ready to spend a hunk of moolah on the build-up.

The Moolah replied, ‘Can you answer a question which I shall ask?’

His own Moolah, a very good and learned man, will come to give you an hour of teaching.

Whereupon the Moolah went away, saying, ‘If the labourers of Moom p. 265are of this description, what must the learned men be?’

The Moolah said something, and an Arab struck Fardet across the shoulders with the thick shaft of his spear.