Moon [noun]

Definition of Moon:

earth' s satellite

Synonyms of Moon:

Opposite/Antonyms of Moon:


Sentence/Example of Moon:

I haven't the least desire to sit alone and moon and meditate.

The bowman looked down at his feet and then up at the moon, "Parbleu!"

He had discarded his hat, and lay back on his elbows, ostensibly to look at the moon.

We see the same idea also in the rising and setting sun and moon.

I think he was glad when we set out for my own village in the Moon of the Sap Running.

Belus formed also the stars, and the sun, and the moon, and the five planets.

Above his head are the three symbols of the Moon, the Sun, and the planet Venus.

It seemed to them as if the brightness of the moon had been increased, and was as resplendent as that of the sun.

Overhead is the starry sky, bathed in the pale radiance of the moon.

But she looked away t' the moon, an' somehow that righted her.