Moonlight [noun]

Definition of Moonlight:


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Sentence/Example of Moonlight:

His hands went up, and he stood gasping faintly in the moonlight.

It was now a bright rectangle filled with moonlight and quite empty.

And he saw them turn one by one toward him in the moonlight and wait.

He spoke with a gasping voice, and his face flushed crimson in the moonlight.

On a moonlight night in August, at the hour of the first watch, the march began.

We could see the shafts of the darts fast in the cleft, bristling in the moonlight.

Methinks she will fade into the moonlight, which falls upon her through the window.

Some faces show more plainly in the moonlight, or one imagines so.

For at first she only perceived that a dim shadow was moving under the moonlight.

They made a picture in the moonlight that was more different than any picture I ever see.