Moonstruck [adjective]

Definition of Moonstruck:


Opposite/Antonyms of Moonstruck:


Sentence/Example of Moonstruck:

"You must surely be from far away, moonstruck man," she said.

I shouldn't wonder if Liverpool got moonstruck and just pitched overboard.

He's smilin' in the picture, but she's made him lockjawed an' moonstruck.

I hope you did not let her see how moonstruck you were on the instant.

He looked at them, thinking they must be moonstruck, for their conduct seemed inexplicable.

My father says they be all mad together, the moonstruck knaves!

The driver regarded them as a moonstruck couple, since that sort of moon shines ever on fine evenings by the sea.

Mediocrity had only seen the gawky stripling, with his moonstruck air, and pestilent habit of trying some new crotchet.

Maisie jumped up, and stood staring in front of her as if she had been moonstruck.

Out of him flows most of the philosophy of Nietzsche, who is in modern times the supreme maniac of this moonstruck consistency.