Moony [adjective]

Definition of Moony:


Opposite/Antonyms of Moony:


Sentence/Example of Moony:

The moony spectacles beamed not quite benevolently on the corridor.

The moony moon was round and bright, It shone and shone and made it light.

It was a warm, moony night, and he took a glass of vichy "for looks' sake," as he said.

"Why, I always was moony over you--when we were kids," he said.

But the moony spectacles were soon let down over the eyes of the Professor of Folk-Lore, and hung there like shutters or blinkers.

The Professor looked at her in somewhat puzzled fashion, not through but from beneath the moony spectacles.

The signalled eyes under the moony spectacles received the danger signal with something of impatience.

For all he'm so moony an' gentlelike, I think he'm a terrible passionate man inside.

It flashed and was gone, and then, before the moony circles on the water had got to the bank, the man was off.

The soaring dome of white canvas reflected the electric light with a moony lustre.