Moored [verb]

Definition of Moored:

anchor, fasten securely

Synonyms of Moored:

Opposite/Antonyms of Moored:

Sentence/Example of Moored:

No, their barks have got to be moored outside of them mysterious shores.

Our vessels were moored about the harbour, and we were all frozen in, as a matter of course.

Out in the harbor hundreds of ships of every description were moored.

She pointed to a small boat, white with a green line, that was moored close to them.

The captain's patience was, as he himself often said, moored with a short cable.

The dory itself, with the oars in her, was moored in the cove.

The ropes which had moored it were broken, and the car was gone.

The Captain had moored Daniel to a picket in the fence over by the freight-house.

It opens on the river: our good boat Is moored below, our friends are there.

On the 14th, in the night, they were launched, and moored at the sterns of the men-of-war.