Mooring [noun]

Definition of Mooring:


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Sentence/Example of Mooring:

Donald cast the net line loose from its mooring, and saw that it was all clear.

The boat reached her mooring in good season, notwithstanding the detention.

We climbed the dark and empty stairs, upward into the mooring mast.

He saw that one boat was gone from its mooring before he reached the bank!

A square port in the bows of a ship, for taking in mooring bridles.

The work of mooring the ship was not a long one when once we had come to a stand.

Having secured the Sea Foam at her mooring, Donald hastened home.

The Rathliner sat on a mooring bitt on the quay and filled his pipe.

Without his permission not one of them could tie up to a mooring in the harbor.

The last hairpin left its mooring and slipped down to earth.