Moorlands [noun]

Definition of Moorlands:

level land

Synonyms of Moorlands:

Opposite/Antonyms of Moorlands:


Sentence/Example of Moorlands:

He has at least 30,000 sheep on his vast tracks of moorland on the braes of Lochaber.

These appear to have been shot down into the middle of a moorland wilderness.

No sign of its habitual rain and wind hung over the moorland.

When he was gone the moorland about the cottage lay still and deserted.

What trees there are in this moorland were not then all blasted.

It was I whom ye met on the moorland on the day before ye came into Utgard.

The horse had left the high road and must be on the moorland!

When, once more, the moorland was deserted, he sat down again on the heather.

Before him was the moorland, covered with heather and gorse bushes.

At the edge of this moorland, I came into a shady valley that proceeded to the ocean.