Moors [verb]

Definition of Moors:

anchor, fasten securely

Synonyms of Moors:

Opposite/Antonyms of Moors:

Sentence/Example of Moors:

“Moors be not all black, neither be they all worshippers of Mahound,” replied Ambrose.

She loved the town, and bought an old palace from the Moors.

As soon as the Moors were gone the three rode a little way towards Malaga.

The fashion of its ornament and decoration was foreign to that adopted by the Moors of Granada.

The sovereign of the last possessions of the Moors is in the field.

Moors, living In Spain as subjects, and nominally Christianized.

The Moors now rushed on them from all parts with a ferocious joy.

Before this chief the houseless Moors fled in confusion and dismay.

When this was done they were eager to cross the straits and attack the Moors in Africa.

There was another king in Spain at the time, the king of the Moors.