Moory [adjective]

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The house is clean, and the district is moory—just on the outskirts of the great coalfield.

We bore to the south down a descent, and came to some moory quaggy ground intersected with watercourses.

Leaving the bridge, I ascended a gentle acclivity, and presently reached what appeared to be a tract of moory undulating ground.

Numbers of snipes breed every summer in some moory ground on the verge of this parish.

So I dashed down the moory slope on my right, and presently saw the object again—and now I saw that it was water.

We bore to the south down a descent, and came to some moory, quaggy ground intersected with water-courses.

Friable—Where the soil is loose and open, as is generally the case in sandy, gravelly, and moory lands.

The spot, though itself bare and moory, was nearly surrounded by wood, and looked like a clearing in an American forest.

As a common it afforded a little picking for geese and asses, and in the moory parts of it, a little fuel for the labourers.