Mooted [verb]

Definition of Mooted:

make known; present

Opposite/Antonyms of Mooted:

Sentence/Example of Mooted:

What our relation to that reputation was to be, we could see was a mooted question with them.

The binding of pamphlets is a mooted point in all libraries.

But behold, before they receive that assurance, some alterations are mooted.

This is about all, except the mooted question of the broken sword.

This spring a plan was mooted that almost rendered Hanny speechless.

“Go home, ob course,” said Ebony, when the question was mooted.

We were sitting at tea alone in our hall at the time the subject was mooted.

Already plans were mooted for deriving a revenue from the colonies.

I have said that the republican idea has been mooted in all seriousness.

She seeks to solve the problem often mooted by ancient philosophers.