Mopes [verb]

Definition of Mopes:

pout, be dejected

Synonyms of Mopes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mopes:

Sentence/Example of Mopes:

You have done nothing but mope about, and look as miserable as a boiled owl.

She must either submit to it or shut herself up and mope and not go out at all.

The gardener said I was "off my feed," and his wife feared I should mope to death.

Neglected and idle, he did not grumble; straitened and poor, he did not mope.

I should only mope here and fret, and come to no good, and give you no pride in me at all.

"I'm tired o' doin' nowt but mope i' th' house," Liz fretted.

He would not mope, and hang down his head, and wear the willow.

She did not mope but she seemed to consider her life now ordered, not completed, but to be as it now was.

"Thank God, Evgenii has ceased to mope," he confided in a whisper to his wife.

To mope, and wail, and lie on the carpet like a dead chicken?