Moping [verb]

Definition of Moping:

pout, be dejected

Synonyms of Moping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Moping:

Sentence/Example of Moping:

He was not moping—only weakly and even when looking a little sad, was quite happy.

For one thing, there was plenty of hard work to keep my mind from moping.

I couldn't help him none, and he went away, moping and miserable.

It has been a glorious day and, if you had come in moping, I should have given you up as hopeless.

Edward had no time for moping discontent, for revenge, or anger.

Then he came to the library where I was moping, and laid his hand on my head.

We can't go on moping always, on the night before the holidays, too!

Hate me if you like—but don't betray us, moaning and moping because you can't have the moon.

It seems so funny not to go to it, instead of moping in these fusty lodgings.

At last Joel took to moping, and Ben found him thus in a corner.