Moraine [noun]

Definition of Moraine:

raised part of solid

Synonyms of Moraine:

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Sentence/Example of Moraine:

To understand this, however, I must first explain what a moraine is.

I had not known that I lived on a moraine, and now that I knew it, I did not care.

Toward evening I clambered down to the cottage by Moraine Lake.

On the opposite side were the slope and summit of the moraine.

The Moraine Colony was closely embowered in a pitchy forest.

A new site was selected on a moraine, only a short distance from the old one.

A descent of 600 feet in the next two miles takes us to Moraine Meadows.

This horn has been sent Arthur by Mangounz, king of Moraine.

It was on the moraine side of the river that we made our camp.

At the lower end of the moraine of a glacier stood a solitary tent.